In Loving Memory of Fenway

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

John Muir

Fenway December 31, 2012-July 1, 2019



Our  therapy teams go through an extensive certification process utilizing

  • Temperament Testing

  • APDT My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S.

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen

  • Lexi’s Circle of Friends Pet Therapy Training Program developed by Dynamic Dog Training


All dogs must have at least 10 hours of mentoring upon graduation with a senior handler before going solo.    All of our handlers  are dedicated to bringing out the best in our therapy dogs and programs.  Each team attends a minimum of two continuing education classes and re-certification annually.   

Our pet therapy training program is recognized by the AKC.  Pet Therapy Teams certified through Paws From The Heart are eligible for the AKC Pet therapy title!

Susan, Harry & Teddy

Susan & Harry Parker, serving RI

Teddy is an American Staffordshire Terrier who is about 8 years old. He was adopted by Susan and Harry Parker.   ​His family first met Teddy in February 2015, when a shelter volunteer, at Smithfield Animal Shelter, brought him to  Dynamic Dog Training's ​shelter dog enrichment classes. It was at that time ​they ​realized he ​had a special talent. ​

​They ​liked what ​they ​saw in him so much,​ they ​officially adopted him in April​,​ 2015.  ​It is no easy task to transform a dog that has been at ​a​ shelter ​for ​a year and a half into a therapy dog.  ​Susan & Harry worked very hard training Teddy and couldn't be more proud of him. Teddy is the voice of shelter dogs and ​was ​the very first dog in RI to be a Certified Pet Therapy Dog for T.F. Green Airport. He is the mascot of PVD Pups.

​Teddy also does pet therapy at adult day care centers, nursing homes and multiple schools. He also does a children's reading program at Barnes & Noble book store and he is the pet therapy dog for the RI Department of Corrections and makes routine visits to Kent Hospital and Butler Hospital.  Teddy loves marching in parades, he adores  people of all ages,  loves to eat cheese, going for car rides, and playing brain games. 

Teddy has proudly earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen Title, His AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen title, his AKC Community Canine Title, his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D from the My Dog Has Class program and his Novice Trick Dog Title from Do More With Your Dog. Teddy is currently working on earning his Novice Stunt Dog Title. He is utilized as the demo dog for all new students paving the path for them. 

Suzanne & Luna

Suzanne Flynn

Luna is an 18-month-old merle goldendoodle.  She is a clown and loves to meet new people of all ages, particularly children.  People say she looks like a stuffed animal!


Luna truly enjoys having a job as a therapy dog with the PAWS from the Heart program.  She is currently active with PVD Pups and Brown University’s Animal Assisted Therapy program (BAAT).  In the BAAT program we spend Wednesday evenings visiting with students who are stressed by exams, heavy course loads, or who are far from home and really miss their family pets.  Students sign up for 10-minute appointments to just snuggle and play with her.  We have had opportunities to participate in other programs on the Brown campus including “Serene on the Green”, a de-stress day for students, and the “Finals De-Tox.”   It is touching to see the immediate impact that spending time with a therapy dog has on these students.  


In addition to her therapy dog certification, Luna has earned her Bachelor's Degree in the "My Dog has Class" program and will work on her Master's Degree next.  She is also in the process of applying for the AKC Therapy Dog credential.   We look forward to signing on with new venues in the coming month, particularly children’s reading programs in local libraries. 

Bonnie & Chewy

Bonnie Winsor, serving southern RI

Chewy is a four year old Bichon/Cairn Terrier Mix; he provides therapy services to individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury and Dementia at NeuroRestorative, RI. Chewy also provides pet therapy services at Scallabrini Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  Chewy received his training from Dynamic Dog Training Inc. he has graduated from the Lexi’s Circle of Friends Pet Therapy Program for schools, nursing homes and hospice therapy. Chewy has several certifications including CGC and Urban CGC. Chewy began providing therapy services at a young age and the participants of the NeuroRestorative, RI program helped to train him. Chewy is very popular with everyone and is familiar with all types of adaptive equipment including; electric wheelchairs, walkers, O2 tanks, etc.

Michelle, Gary & Mike

Michelle & Gary Rose

Mike is a 4 yr old English Bulldog & American Staffordshire mix that we adopted from a rescue in July of 2017.  Mike has received all his training from Dynamic Dog Training and has earned his AKC CGC, AKC CGCA, PHD, MA, Novice Trick Dog title, Paws From the Heart Pet Therapy certification, & his T.F. Green Airport Pet Therapy Dog certification (PVD Pup).  

Mike visits the residents of the Scandinavian Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center as well as the St. Elizabeth's Home twice a month. You'll see Mike at the airport every Sunday offering pet therapy to nervous travelers, playing games with kids or passing time with folks waiting for their flight.  Mike loves people, dogs, and yes he even loves the cats he lives with. He loves car rides, going for walks and carrots!


Anne & Nola

Anne Siesel

Nola is a four-year-old Maltese, Shih Tzu, Bichon, and Poodle mix.  Nola enjoys meeting people and loves to be held and pet. She gives kisses endlessly. When not working, Nola enjoys taking long walks, chasing squirrels in the yard, and playing with neighborhood friends.  Nola has one sister who she is very close with.  Nola started her career as a therapy dog at West Bay Nursing Home.  She has been working for two years at Winman Middle School listening to children read and just being a friend.  The children look forward to her visits!

Christine & Boots

Christine Cummins

Boots is a 4 year old Golden Retriever   who puts a smile on everyone’s face. He is always happy and playful, and loves meeting people and getting snuggles.  Some of his favorites are running and swimming at the beach, going on hikes, new toys, and marrow bones.  When not working at TF Green Airport, he can usually be found waiting with kids at the bus stop, or getting treats from Joe at Liberty Rentals!

Nancy & Winnie

Nancy Hitchiner

Winnie is a 3 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, the one with the long tail and big ears.  Winnie has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen and has received her pet therapy certification from Paws From the Heart. She is also a certified PVD Pup therapy dog, at  T.F. Green Airport, which she has earned from Dynamic Dog Training. Winnie has traveled extensively with her mom and dad from Canada and Maine, to North Carolina. She loves meeting people of all ages. Winnie lives with her mom and dad as well as her cats. She thoroughly enjoys walking with her fur friends and green beans with her meals. 

Diane & PaPuppy

Diane Bartel

PaPuppy was born on January 2, 2014. A man in Arkansas bred a poodle and Shih Tzu to have a litter of “layed back, smart non-shedding puppies”.   His goal was to train them to be Therapy dogs for children with disabilities.  However, when the puppies were five weeks old, the man died of a heart attack.  His family took all the puppies and the Momma and Poppa dogs to a shelter. A rescue by the name of”PS I LOVE YOU RESCUE” pulled the whole family to safety.  I adopted PaPuppy but had to wait what seemed like forever before she could travel through the states.  She needed all her shots before traveling. I got to hold her by the first week in April.  Her favorite toy is a stuffed bunny. She loves car rides and going for walks.Since I am a retired RN and PaPuppy is awesome with people, I decided to bring her to classes with Dynamic Dog Training to take all the necessary classes to become certified in Pet Therapy.  We are now a Pet Therapy Team with Paws from the Heart!  PaPuppy visits Hope Hospice, Cortland Place, & Waterman Lake

Deb & Hunter

Deb Quattrini

Hunter is a mixed breed dog rescued from East Greenwich Animal Protection League. He was born on September 11, 2017. Hunter loves to walk with his neighborhood friends, run through the woods jumping onto rocks and over logs, playing ball in the yard and to meet new people and give kisses to anyone who will let him. Hunter has his BA from My Dog Has Class and has earned his  CGC, CGCU, Paws From the Heart Pet Therapy certification, & his T.F. Green Airport Pet Therapy Dog certification (PVD Pup). He has participated in several group outings and is looking forward to doing many more

Sarah & Skippy

Sarah Cross

Skippy is a male AKC Golden Retriever born on the 4th of July 2018.  He is a comical, lovable and mild-mannered fur ball. Playing fetch, attacking the garden hose, snacks and going for hikes are some of his favorite activities.  Through the Paws from the Heart organization training, Skippy has earned his Canine Good Citizenship and therapy dog certification. Since then, he has been active at Paws therapy events and at weekly Miriam Hospital visits where he provides comfort and love to patients, staff and visitors. He is already making a name for himself at the sponsored events and especially at Miriam Hospital where he is capturing the hearts of the nurses. He has a magnetic personality that puts a smile on the faces he sees—along with giving plenty of kisses and puppy hugs to those he meets.  

Nicole & Dottie

Nicole Jacavone & Dottie

Dottie is a 1 year old mixed breed pup. Her mom adopted her from the Potters League when she was just 6 months old and they have been a dynamic duo ever sense. Dottie has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen, B.A. and is a certified PVD Pup therapy dog, at  T.F. Green Airport, earned from Dynamic Dog Training. Dottie is often described as a “delicate flower” and an all around sweetheart. She loves to impress her human friends with her tricks in exchange for a tasty treat. Some of her favorite past times are to wrestle with her 15 year old brother, play with her puppy friends at doggie daycare and exploring woodland trails with her mom.

Susan & Violet

Susan Bedard & Violet

Violet is a 1 year old Schnauzer/Yorkie Mix; rescued from Tennessee from a local rescue group. Her handler mom is the owner of Metropet Dog Center. Violet spends a lot of her days at Metropet playing with her best doggie friends and hanging around with the staff. Violet loves being around her two human brothers, playing outside in the yard, going on the swing or just hanging with her humans watching youtube or playing video games. She has 2 dog siblings; Belle & Jace and a cat sibling name Ash. Violet's favorite things to do is hang out the window during car rides & driving her cat at home crazy!

Andrea & Pearl

Andrea Rossi

Pearl is a Mastiff, Boxer mix that was adopted in July 2018 from the East Greenwich Animal Protection League, by her owner and handler, Andrea.  

Pearl is a love bug and truly enjoys meeting people and bringing smiles to their faces. Her handler likes to think she has a real knack for cheering people up and bringing out the best in people.  When she's not busy socializing, she loves to relax by finding a sunny spot on the deck or in the yard.  She also really digs going for car rides and never turns down an opportunity to go on an adventure that might result in spotting a squirrel!  Her favorite snacks are bacon flavored treats but for balance she likes baby carrots too! 

Pearl has earned her B.A. from My Dog Has Class, AKC Canine Good Citizen, Paws From the Heart Pet Therapy certification, & T.F. Green Airport Pet Therapy Dog certification (PVD Pup).

Jillian & Jordy

Jillian D'Angelo

Jordy is a 3 year old “Sato”, who was rescued from Puerto Rico when he was a year old. Sato is a term commonly used to refer to Puerto Rican street dogs. Jordy is a mixed breed, including Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel. He loves greeting people of all ages, and is a major snuggle bug. He enjoys soaking up the summer sun and is often found hiding from the winter cold under as many blankets as possible. Jordy is an AKC Canine Good Citizen. He has earned his Bachelor’s Degree from My Dog Has CLASS, and is now officially a certified pet therapy dog with Paws From the Heart and participates in the PVD Pups program.

Danielle & Samuel

Danielle Roth

Samuel is a dachshund mix born on October 10, 2018. His mom was saved by a family friend and Sam’s human mom and dad took him home at 14 weeks old. Samuel is a very happy, silly guy who’s goofy antics are sure to keep you laughing. Some of Sam’s favorite things include long hikes, swimming, playing fetch, and play dates with his friends.


Sam has earned his CGC and Paws From The Heart Pet Therapy Certification through Dynamic Dog Training and is excited to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Cindi & Gracie

Cindi Calci

Gracie (aka Wiggle Butt) is a 7 year old Labrador Retriever.  She is a very happy girl who loves everyone she meets with her happy wiggle.  


Gracie has her CGC and has been attending obedience classes since she was 2 years old. Gracie is now a certified therapy dog with Paws from Heart and is visiting with students at Hoxsie Elementary School.  Gracie also is a PVD Pup. And has been meeting passengers at the Airport for 4 years. Gracie has been in many 4H dog shows with her favorite girl Jill at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

When she is not working she enjoys car rides, shopping at Walmart, Home Depot., and going to PetSmart for treats and bones. She loves playing frisbee and retrieving her ball. She thinks she is an 80 pound lap dog. Gracie is just a sweet girl.

Melissa & Willow

Melissa Marszalek

Willow is a Pit Bull type dog adopted from Providence Animal Control in 2017.  We realized pretty quickly that she loved everyone, this was one special girl.  Willow was especially helpful when her big sister Ruby, a 14 year old Pittie was diagnosed with cancer.  Not only was she loving to Ruby but helped us through a very difficult time when Ruby did pass away.  This is when we realized Willow could make a difference by becoming a certified therapy dog. 

Willow has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen title, her B.A. from the My Dog Has CLASS program, is currently a PVD pup, and has been certified as a therapy dog through Paws From The Heart.  In her free time she loves to walk and be outdoors.  We could not be more proud of our rescue dog and all that she has accomplished.

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