We are a compassionate and supportive 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing qualified and specialty trained pet therapy dog teams into local communities to deliver various outreach programs while  promoting  health, happiness and healing to those in need.  We are honored to be recognized as an AKC therapy dog organization!

Paws From The Heart

Hope, Happiness & Healing

Senior Programs

Pet Therapy provides the elderly with hope, healing & companionship. Utilizing pet therapy dogs increases social interactions as well as provides mental stimulation and self worth.  Having a pet therapy visit reduces boredom & can help recover some memories in dementia patients when they think of their own past pets.

Children Programs

It doesn't get much better than kids & pets does it?  In pet therapy, the child's focus is  on the animal, playing games, teaching new tricks while increasing their confidence and relaxation. 

Additional Programs

If there is a need, we will be there!  Our therapy teams are certified to participate in  outreach programs to  public and private schools, adult day care centers, libraries, fairs, bus stops, funeral homes, physician offices, infusion centers, nursing homes and   facility teams.    


We are dog safety advocates and provide educational programs  including dog bite safety programs. 

We also assist with  fund-raisers and community events for those  in need. i.e. food drives, soup kitchens, coat drives, medical  fund-raisers etc. 


We  work with local animal shelters to help train dogs who are good candidates for pet therapy.

Our organization works at educating communities on the opportunities and benefits of Pet Therapy.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Whether a person is rehabilitating from an accident or operation, transitioning to new living conditions or is living with a chronic illness, Pet Therapy can be beneficial for people of all ages. 

Pet therapy dogs help improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of everyone they meet.   Studies show that pet therapy helps to:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Decrease overall pain

  • Provide relaxation - petting produces a relaxation response in the body


Pet therapy lifts spirits and lessens depression or decreases anxiety.   Overall pet therapy makes patients  feel good and decreases feelings of loneliness, isolation and alienation.  

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